Sales terms and conditions

Sales Terms

Here are listed the sales conditions for all the products sold through the website

Accepting the delivery of the products bought, the client confirms to agree with the selling conditions that will be now listed. Gnali Ettore snc reserves himself the right of changing the selling conditions in any moment without advice. Eventually the new selling conditions will be effective from the moment they will be published on the website and the will affect only the sales made from then onwards. We invite the clients to read well these conditions every time a purchase from TECHNOMOUSSE is made.

The company responsible for the service is:
Gnali Ettore snc - Via Industriale, 21 - 25070 Bione (BS)
Tel. 0365.897024 - Fax 0365.897024
P.IVA 00585610983 - C.F. 00889440178

To contact the staff of write an email to:
Customer Support:
Sales and recesses:


The products are sold at the prices that you can find on the website The prices shown are not comprehensive of shipment since the shipment cost varies from country to country. The payment methods allowed are only the ones you can find listed on the website.

The weight of the products shown is put only to determine the shipment cost for foreign countries and for some products for Italy since some products don’t have a fixed shipment cost.


To be able to order products from it is necessary to be at least 18 years old.
The orders will be effective only after having received a confirmation email from Mr. Claudio Pè, confirming that the entire order process has been completed regularly, that the payment has been authorized (in case of credit card payment) and that the products ordered are in stock. We suggest to print out the confirmation email and to conserve it. If no confirmation email is received, we recommend to contact us by email at:

Written Information
Since it is a normal and fair rule inside companies to reserve the right of changing physical and technical characteristics of the product without pre-advice, also Gnali Ettore snc ( has to draw to this clause) reserves himself the possibility to offer his clients with a product which could vary in time from the one which is on the online catalogue. In any case the client always has the right to refuse the purchase as stated previously in the “Recession Right”.
Gnali Ettore snc guarantees that all the informations on the products (including the images) have all been received by the productors/distributers or have been realized on the product itself, he is therefore not responsible for eventual spelling errors. In particular Gnali Ettore snc reserves himself the right to not accept an order from a client. The acceptance of the order from Gnali Ettore snc is effective only once a confirmation email has been received by the client.


The warranty on the products purchased on the website is given directly from the producer in the mode and limits stated by the producer itself.
The indicated time for the shipment of the products represent an estimate in normal order and transportation conditions. This estimate can eventually be not precise in case of delays in case the company runs out of stock or the delivery company is subject to delays.
If a particular order from a client can’t be accomplished by the producer in the estimated times, the client will be informed directly from the company and will be updated in case of late delivery. In case the company has not in stock all the quantity of products order, an order can be break down in more separate orders without any changes in price for the unique order of the client or the client can chose to wait for all the products ordered to be ready.
Gnali Ettore snc is not responsible for damages or loss of the products during the shipment, that in case it is not decided with the client, it has no insurance. If there are problems with the delivery of the products, the client has to claim the delivery company which is responsible for damages or late delivery.
Gnali Ettore snc is not responsible for damages or accidents due to defects in the product sold which could happen if the client uses the products improperly and without following the instructions given.
Every client is the solely responsible for the correct use of the product bought from Technomousse depending on the laws in force in the country in which the product will be used.

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